Winter Wonderland

This will be the whitest ‘Santa Safari’ around, with guaranteed snow everyday!


New for 2017 is Mrs Claus’s Kitchen. Guests will be able to visit Mrs Claus in her very own kitchen, where she will provide them with some delicious festive treats. Children will receive a drink and cookie and adults are certainly not left out, with a mince pie and mulled wine.


Make the most of your visit to Santa Safari with our helpful Santa’s Checklist. There is so much to see and do, it’s hard to keep track of all the festive fun. But our handy checklist, provided by one of our elves, will ensure that you don’t miss out on anything!


They say that Christmas Spirit is infectious and even our Sea Lions are not immune!

Pop along to our purpose built Sea Lion Theatre to watch a pantomime style show with one of the main stars being a California Sea Lion. See them brave the cold waters to swim and jump in their very own Christmas Show.

You could even head to our Encounter Stage to meet our friendly animals in our Christmas Animal Encounter Show!

Dino Logo

See the UK’s largest animatronic Dinosaur attraction!

Get ready to be transported back in time and see the story of the Dinosaurs unfold over millions of years…

Penguin Cove

Observe our Humboldt Penguins dive and frolic around their newly completed Penguin Cove, emerging from the water to “chill” on their beach. 

Their enclosure includes a pool with semi-submerged beach, sculptures, penguin house and public viewing areas.

The humboldt penguins live on the rocky islands and coasts of Peru and Northern Chile. To find out more check out our .

Don’t miss the daily Penguin Feeds, where you get the chance to learn even more about these fascinating seabirds.

Sea Lion Theatre

Enter the specially designed theatre to watch our Californian sea lions show off their amazing skills in our daily shows, approx 15 minutes long.

Lorikeet Landing

Get up close to our amazing flock of rainbow lorikeets in this NEW heated indoor exhibit. Their specially designed walk-through enclosure includes state of the art eco heating to help these Australasian parrots feel at home at a balmy 18*C.

Lorikeet Landing provides the chance to walk amongst one of the largest flocks in the UK.

Reptile World

Visit some of the largest and most deadly reptiles from all around the globe. Everything from crocodiles to snapping turtles, brightly coloured deadly dart frogs to, boas and pythons over 15ft long, and highly venomous cobras & vipers!

Daily reptile tours give the opportunity to discover more in an informative tour from one of our expert reptile keepers.

Creepy Crawlies

Home to some of the creepiest crawliest creatures including goliath tarantulas, infestations of hissing cockroaches, amazing leaf cutting ants and a plague of locusts!