Come face-to-face with some of the world’s most incredible, endangered animals on the four-mile Safari Drive-through…

Home to our herd of southern white rhino and the elegant giraffe. Not to mention the well-known stripes of a zebra, prized Ankole cattle, Ellipsen waterbuck, Congo buffalo, swamp loving red lechwe and the eland – largest of all antelope species.

See the world’s rarest deer, the Philippine spotted deer, the dainty blackbuck, the critically endangered Bactrian camels and our three amazing, armoured Indian rhinos!

See some of the world’s greatest hunters, from magnificent and powerful tigers to the world’s fastest land mammal – the cheetah. Be amazed at the two prides of African lions and look out for the endangered African wild dogs and unusual dhole.

See our fantastic and extremely clever African elephants in Elephant Valley. Young Sutton can be seen most days charging around under the watchful gaze of Mum, Five and Aunt Latabe.